Tactical Solutions

Name – Monique
Unemployed – 2 years
LJF South – June 2016
Started Work – July 2016
Position – Customer Service

Not a defeatist, she accessed information on a six-week employability skills programme which included a visit to the LJF South, where Monique had the opportunity to interact with employers advertising roles she had never considered, including hospitality, prison officers and even cabin crew!

“When handing out my CVs, I came across an agency named Tactical Solutions. They were engaging and were interested in my search for employment. They asked for a copy of my CV and said they’ll be in touch soon.”

The next day, Monique received a welcoming email asking for some documents. A few days later, she received a confirmation letter, time sheets, her ID card and a congratulations letter welcoming her to the organisation. Shortly afterwards, she received a telephone call to discuss basic employment information and offer her a shift just minutes away from where she lived.

‘I’m really happy to be working for Tactical Solutions, they have given me a step up on the employment ladder. I am gaining experience and earning money whilst I’m looking for permanent full-time work. My advice to others in my situation is, don’t sit hoping – try searching – and the LJF South is the best place to start.’

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