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London Jobs Fair at Its Best

The London Jobs Fair is a housing and public sector led unique regeneration programme designed to create a social impact in local communities uniting job seekers, employers, training providers, suppliers, housing associations and local authorities. Following the successes since 2012 , we have been requested to expand the programme annually to cover all four regions of London – East, South, West, and North.

It has a proven track record in generating jobs for local people and business for suppliers to the public sector. A partnership spanning all sectors with a drive to help people into employment by putting active jobseekers in front of employers.


 Our MISSION  is to contribute to social value to benefit the local communities that we live and work in by generating job opportunities for local residents and contracts for local businesses.

Our VISION is to foster social impact by nurturing local economic growth that engages communities, creates lasting partnerships and adds true value across all sectors that benefits everyone.

Team Work 

Empowered, Diverse and Inclusive

We’re passionate about uniting the public, private and third sectors through our programmes such as the London Jobs Fairs.
Our team are our partners, sponsors and stakeholders, who bring their commitment through skills expertise and other support to make the programme happen.

Local Impact

Supporting our Community

Our programme provides an environment for the public, private and third sectors to work together to make a real social impact in the communities we live and work in.
We excels at discovering new business dimensions and strive to fulfil our vision primarily through our job fairs.

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